About Us

ELECOM TAPE CO., LTD is a well-known company specializing in the manufacturing of tapes for cable. Our company supplies quality products through the implementation of high technology and superior management techniques which have been refined over 20 years in the field of manufacturing tapes used in optical telecommunication and power cables.

We’ve made every effort to keep up with the rapid pace of the changing management environment. We have succeeded in developing new methods and techniques to keep us ahead of the competition and make sure customers are satisfied with the quality of our products.

Through the advancements in management, we are able to better perform in manufacturing and improving our overall products. We set goals to minimize the number of defects in our manufactured products and to, in addition, develop at least 3 new products each year. We plan to be the best in our field of work by concentrating our efforts on achieving the highest industrial status in the country.

Through continuous technological innovation, ELECOM TAPE CO., LTD promises to be a first-class company in the 21st century and to make steady progress towards building a more successful future for our customers.

Partners of Elecomtape Global Inc.

  • TAIHAN Electric Wire Co.
  • LS Cable
  • Nexans Kukdong
  • Nexans Korea
  • Gaon Cable
  • TAIHAN Fiber Optic Co.
  • Iljin Electric
  • TFC/U-Jin Cable
  • TMC
  • Seoul CAble

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