6.Aluminum Tape with Semi-conductive layer & Polymer layer

6-1 S-LAE Tape
6-2 S-LAS Tape

S-LAE Tape


1. Applicable Cable:
– High and extra high voltage CV Cable.

2. Descriptions:

  • PE Polymer is melted, extruded, and laminated on one side of aluminum foil and semi-conductive polymer on the other side.
  • Applied between other conductive or semi-conductive layers of the cable. (S-LAS Tape)
  • Waterproof and recommended for shielding.

3. Structure:

S-LAE Tape
Non-Conductive Polymer Layer
Al. Foil Layer
Semi-Conductive Polymer Layer
S-LAS Tape
Semi-Conductive Polymer Layer
Al. Foil Layer
Semi-Conductive Polymer Layer

4. Specification:

Classification Unit S-LAE 0.29 S-LAE 0.35 S-LAS 0.4 Remarks
Thickness mm 0.29±0.02 0.35±0.03 0.35±0.03
Al. Foil Tensile Strength kg/mm² 7~9
Al. Foil Elongation % 25↑
Tensile Load kg/25W 20↑
Room Temperature
Peeling Strength
0.8↑ (①Al. Layer – Semi-Conductive Layer ②Al. Layer – PE Polymer)
Peeling Strength
2.5↑ (4.0↑) PE Sheet – PE Polymer
Polymerization Peeling Strength 2.5↑ PE Polymer – Semi-Conductive Layer
Tape Wave Effect No wave effect on width
Surface Resistancy ohm 1×105 Semi-Conductive Layer
Al Purity % 99.3↑