LAP Tape

1. Aluminum Laminated Tape

1-1 Single Side Coated LAP TAPE
1-2 Double side Coated LAP TAPE (Both Sides Coated)

1. Applicable Cable:
– Mid-low voltage Telecommunication/Optical Fiber Communication cable.

2. Descriptions:

  • Used to shield and block the penetration of water for mid-low tension Telecommunication/Optical Fiber Communication cable.
  • Melted, compressed, laminated polyethylene (PE) on aluminum tape.
  • Single and Double side laminating options are available.
  • Aluminum side and polymer laminated side maintains a strong retention and provides shielding of an electric signal and blocking of water penetration. Ultimately, the tape enhances performance and durability of the applied cable.
3. Structure:
LAP Tape (Single Sided)
Pe. Polymer Layer
Al. Foil Layer
LAP Tape (Double Sided)
Pe. Polymer Layer
Al. Foil Layer
Pe. Polymer Layer

4. Specification:

Classification Unit Specification Remarks
Thickness mm Single: 0.15~0.25, Double:0.25~0.30 Product may be produced in custom specifications upon request.
AL Material Alloy 1235, 1N30 or 1100 ASTM B736-00 or KSD6705
AL Tensile
7~9 A1235
AL Elongation % 25↑
AL Purity 99.35↑
Room Temperature
Peeling Strength
kg/25mW 0.8↑ AL ↔ EAA Coating
Peeling Strength
3.7↑ (4.0↑) PE Sheet ↔ EAA Coating
Heated Sheet
Peeling Strength
2.5↑(3.9↑) 50ºC/24hr, PE Sheet ↔ EAA
Peeling Strength
2.5↑ EAA Coating ↔ EAA Coating