LST Tape

2. Steel Laminated Tape

1. Applicable Cable:
Telecommunication/Optical Fiber Communication cable.2. Descriptions

  • Used to shield electric signal and block the penetration of water
  • The tape is melted and compressed Polyethylene (PE) to laminate both sides of Electrolytic Chrome-Coated Steel(ECCS).
  • The PE polymer layer of LST tape shows very strong retention with waterproof ECCS layer and PE coating layer. This provides the protection of a core from corrosion and ultimately enhances performance and durability of the applied cable.
3. Structure:
LST Tape
Pe. Polymer Layer
Pe. Polymer Layer

4. Specification:

Classification Unit Specification Remarks
ECCS Material -Carbon: Lower than 0.1%
-Chromium Plating: More than 30mg/m²
-Hardness: F-3, Type:MR
Single Polymer Thickness mm -0.050, 0.055, 0.058 -Product may be produced in custom specifications upon request.
ECCS Strip Thickness -0.155, 0.155, 0.155
Single Polymer Thickness -0.255, 0.265, 0.271
Overall Thickness -0.255, 0.265, 0.271
ECCS Tensile Strength kg/mm² 30↑
ECCS Elongation % 15↑
Sheet Peeling Strength kg/25mW 4.0↑(4.47↑) PE Sheet ↔ EAA Coating
Heated Sheet Peeling Strength 3.9↑ 50ºC/24hr, PE Sheet ↔ EAA
Overall Peeling Strength 2.5↑ EAA Coating ↔ EAA Coating