KGC Tape


9. Glass Braided Laminating Tape

1. Applicable Cable
-600v Retardant cable, TFR-3 cable

2. Descriptions:

  • PE Polymer is melted, extruded and laminated on both sides of glass braided layer, then bonded with paper layer on one side.
  • Used as retardant and heat-resistant for TFR CV cable under 600v and TFR-3 cable.
  • Also used to unite multiple cables.

3. Structure:

Polymer Layer
Glass Braided Layer
Polymer Layer
Paper Layer

4. Specification:

Classification Unit KGC Tape Remarks
Thickness mm 0.16 Nominal
Weight g/m² 168 Nominal
Tensile Load kgf/15mW 37↑
Fire Resist VTFT Satisfied (Vertical Tray Flame Test: 820℃/20 minuts)