CU/Mylar Tape


4. Copper Mylar Tape
(Cu/Mylar Tape)

4-1. Copper Mylar Tape
4-2. PE Mounted Double Sided Copper Mylar Tape(BCPC)

(4-1) Copper Mylar Tape
1. Applicable Cable:
– Instrument cables used for nuclear plant, vessels.
2. Description:

  • Polyester Film is attached on a Cu Foil on one side and anti-corrosive substances on the other side.
  • Very flexible and durable against any type of corrosion. High heat resistant.

3. Structure:

Cu. Mylar Tape
Cu. Corrosion Protective Layer
Cu. Foil Layer
Adhesion Layer
PET Film Layer

4. Specification:

Specification Unit Cu. Mylar Tape Remarks
Cu. Thickness mm 0.018
PET. Thickness 0.025
Cu. Corrosion-protective Layer 0.005
Total Thickness 0.05
Tensile Strength kgf/㎟ 11↑
Elongation % 16
Cu. Purity 99.00↑
Color Light Pink or Orange
Standard Roll Length 1,000m/roll, 2,000m/roll
Inner Dia. of Roll mmφ 76
(4-2)PE Mounted Copper Mylar Tape (BCPC TAPE)
1. Applicable Cable:
– Shielding of Electricity and Waterproofing KEPCO 22.9pv-y.

2. Description:

  • PE Polymer(EAA) laminated layer maintains strong adhesion with the Copper layer and PE sheath layer, which improves the overall performance of cables and durability by effectively shielding and waterproofing capabilities.
  • BCPC Tape has an improved flexibility than the common cop
  • Outstanding electric Shielding capability which blocks the signal interruption of cables.

3. Structure:

CU. Foil – 0.018±0.001mm
PET. Layer – 0.025±0.002mm
CU. Foil – 0.018±0.001mm
PE Layer – 0.07±0.012mm